Online Therapy: Top 10 tips

If you're looking to create the right environment for your online therapy sessions then look no further for some top tips.

  1. It doesn't have to be the perfect setting. Where you go doesn't matter. I've performed online sessions to clients from their apartments, from hotel rooms and even from their cars - parked of course!

  2. It does have to be private. If someone else is in the room it will effect the process, sometimes having someone in the next room has an impact too.

  3. Free yourself from distractions. Please silence your mobile or better yet, turn off your phone. If you're using your phone for the therapy session then please ensure do not disturb is on.

  4. Turn your selfie video off. In my opinion this is key to the process and leaving it on is one of the biggest distractions. If you see yourself throughout the session you will be monitoring how you look LIVE.

  5. Use a big screen. A therapy session looking at a mobile screen will be effective but your eyes will feel more comfortable looking at a bigger image. Using an iPad or computer is recommended.

  6. Ensure your connection is stable. If your wifi is patchy then ensure you're in the same room as the router. If you have enough data then it might be better to use that in some circumstances.

  7. Secure the connection. You don't have to worry about security if your therapist uses an encrypted platform. If they don't then question it!

  8. Use headphones. I can't emphasis this enough, it changes the whole dynamic of the therapy session. It feels more private, there is less feedback and you are able to hear more clearly.

  9. Go wireless. If you have wireless headphones then even better. You will be able to sit further away and still hear your therapist clearly. Body language is just as important as verbal language, lets not limit ourselves just because we're doing counselling online.

  10. Clock... or not. This is very much a personal choice as some people prefer not to know the time. However if you think you need a clock to monitor yourself during the session then you can arrange one nearby.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but in my opinion the 10 most important ones.

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