Meet Billy

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Billy is 30 and has always liked to flirt, it makes him and others feel good about themselves. When he was younger all of his friends respected him because of his way with words, particularly with women. Billy has had sex with many women over many years and continues to do so, but Billy has never entered into a relationship with any of them.

Billy has recently met a woman who is different to the others. It's almost like he met a female version of himself, because she was the one who stopped messaging after they slept together. Billy keeps thinking about this woman and can't understand what went wrong. Billy has also started to consider that this is possibly how the women he has had sex with over the years have felt about him, he feels empty.

Billy finds it very difficult to open up and talk to his friends because it goes against the persona he has developed for himself. Billy feels stuck and doesn't know what to do.

Talking about feelings can be difficult, particularly when the people you choose to talk to aren't trained in how to really listen. If Billy's story aligns with your own then talking to a counsellor could be helpful.