I highly recommend online counselling with Luke. He helped me through a dark time, and after just a few meetings I was feeling reinvigorated and ready to go again. Luke was great at noticing the unconscious patterns in my life and helping me to tease out their sources. I discovered a lot about myself and what triggers me. I found all our talks very insightful and they helped me greatly.
— Kevin 31, Berlin

I was pleasantly surprised by my therapy sessions with Luke. At the start, I went in with the mindset that I had a problem to be cured and Luke would provide the fix. As it happened, that wasn’t the case and I learnt a great deal in the process. Sometimes you need to just get things off your chest, sometimes you need to understand the things that lead to your problem and other times it could be something totally different. The main thing for me is I have better self-awareness that helps me not only understand my own behaviour but enables me to appreciate different perspectives. I’m very grateful to Luke for his objectivity and approachability and would recommend therapy with him.
— John 29, London

I have spent the better part of 3 years seeing Luke for counselling and I’ve never had a counsellor that’s been quite so understanding. Even at my worst points he knew the right thing to say even when I wasn’t willing to hear it. I was able to open up and really explore certain issues with him and I’m really grateful for the support he gave me. If I need counselling again I’m definitely going back to Luke.
— Samantha 26, Surrey

When I started my sessions with Luke, he tailored his approach to my needs and circumstances in a very professional way, genuinely looking to get the best outcome of our sessions. Our discussions were always very open and insightful and challenged me in a positive way. He is very reliable and understanding. I felt very good during and after our sessions, during difficult times as well; it was a space for sharing and reflecting. I would recommend Luke to people like me, who want to find a similar space and explore it with some guidance.
— Ana 24, London

(Names have been changed to protect privacy)