Meet Beatrice

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Beatrice is six months into her relationship with Dan and she feels like she is treading on egg shells waiting for it to all fall apart. Dan isn’t the first romantic relationship she has been involved with but it certainly is the most meaningful. Beatrice doesn’t feel good enough for Dan, he hasn’t said anything to that effect but she has seen the photos on Facebook of his ex-girlfriend and Beatrice thinks she is much prettier than her.

Beatrice is in a constant state of anxiety that Dan's ex is going to click her fingers and he’s going to run back to her. To combat these feelings Beatrice has started to check his messages and social media just in case he is cheating on her. Beatrice doesn’t recognise the girl she has become and likens her behaviour to that of a “bunny boiler”.

Beatrice has recently began to skip meals and assures herself that once she slims down she’ll feel more attractive and be able to compete with Dan’s ex-girlfriend.

Do you feel similar things to Beatrice? Relationships aren't easy, despite what you might see in the movies. Talking to an understanding professional could be the right step to understand how relationships work for you..