Meet Natalie

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Natalie is 49 and recently divorced. She knew her marriage was over a long time ago but they agreed to make an effort to stay together for the children. She has lots of friends who all offered their support at the beginning of the process however that support seems to have tailed off now. Natalie tries to lure her friends to come out for a night out but many of them can’t or don’t want to because they would rather stay in with their families.

Natalie has many friends or at least she has lots of friends on Facebook. They all "like" her posts when she tells them all how awful her ex-husband was and how much better she now is being newly single. Although she hasn’t told them all that she’s had to move back into her mums house with kids-in-tow because she can’t afford to pay rent by herself. She spends a lot of her free time on her phone endlessly scrolling through her social media apps,, Natalie doesn’t quite know what she hopes to see.

Things have got difficult recently as her best friend has entered into a long term relationship and doesn’t have as much time for her as she used to. This feels crippling for Natalie because this was the one friend she could rely on to go out and have a good time with. Natalie visited her GP recently as she felt things were getting too much and has been diagnosed with depression. They prescribed her some anti-depressants but doesn't know whether she wants to be on medication or not.

Does Natalie's story resonate with you? Talking does help and can provide you with greater understanding of your situation.