Body Image

Meet Steven

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Steven was a skinny kid. His clothes never fit him and he was bullied at school. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he discovered the local gym. After 6 months of lifting weights he was starting to feel better about himself but his body still wasn’t big enough. Steven wanted girls to look at him like they look at the other guys in the gym, they were huge!

Some years have passed since Steven began his journey in the gym, however he still doesn't feel like he was hoping to feel. Steven trains every day and meticulously counts his calories and macros. However Steven still doesn't feel like he is where he wants to be, his friends have told him that he looks great but it doesn't sink in.

More recently, Steven has started to show interest in steroids. People he knows at the gym are using them and after some Google searches Steven has decided that they are safe-enough. Steven thinks that he will feel much better about himself if he started using them and got bigger.

Can you identify with Steven's story? Talking about your relationship with your body can uncover some deeper, meaningful insights that foster greater understanding about yourself.