Mental health awareness week

Five ways to thrive! 

Luke ran a series of posts, on Facebook, aimed at helping the community to better understand some simple ways to improve their mental health. See below for the highlights. 

1. Connect...

...with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours. Human connection is a fundamental human need. There is strong evidence out there that being close to, and valued by, other people are critical for promoting wellbeing and act as a buffer against mental ill health. Talk to someone instead of sending a text and when you ask someone how they're doing really listen when they tell you.

2. Be active

There is so much scientific research out there that supports this. It's a clinical proven way to improve your mental health and even reduce symptoms of depression. Exercise releases natural hormones and neurochemicals that improve your mood. 

You don't have to become a member of your local gym to get active. Start taking the stairs instead of the escalator or go for a walk in the evening after your meal. It all adds up.

3. Take notice

Let your curiosity run free. Notice things around you. Encourage others to notice things too. Point things out. Marvel at nature. 

Notice what you're feeling, be curious about it. Reflecting on your experiences will allow you to see what matters to you.

4. Learn

Learn something new. Be it learning how to fix a tyre puncture on your bicycle to learning how to capture better photos with your camera. It all helps to strengthen your mental health. Continued learning encourages social connection, a more active lifestyle and an increase in self-esteem. 

5. Give

Do something nice for a friend. Smile at a stranger. Volunteer your time to help your community. It's incredibly rewarding and creates more connections with the people around you.

Mental health is linked to the wider community, seeing other people thrive will ultimately help you thrive too.