Meet Anna

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Anna started taking drugs when she was 17. She loves clubbing with her friends and once she's out she's out until the early hours. This has been occurring almost every week for years and now she is 33 and can’t understand why she hasn’t grown out of it. All of her friends have so why can’t she?

Anna lives for the weekend but is beginning to worry that she is doing long term damage to her body. She’s recently started a new job and people at work seem to be far more aware than her old place and are starting to notice a pattern every Monday and Tuesday. Anna starts the week being withdrawn and suffers big comedowns that don’t seem to calm down until Wednesday. 

It’s starting to interfere with her work and Anna has had to cancel a couple of meetings because of her severe anxiety. She lives in fear that she will get found out. To cope with this she has started going out mid-week as she just wants to escape from these uncomfortable feelings. One of Anna's friends has had a frank conversation with her recently and the word addiction was used and it scared her.

Anna's story is by no means unique, so if you see yourself in this picture and want to talk more about it then make an enquiry. Talking to someone like a counsellor could help you see things more clearly.